Fraud And Scam Warning

Mature Matrimony specifically and emphatically warns members never to send money to anyone that they meet on our services. A very small number of profiles on our services may not be genuine and may belong to scammers that may manage to slip through our extensive filters and pose as people who they are not. Mature Matrimony has no way of determining the validity of any communication that you receive from another member or the validity of the person behind such communication. We believe that these are few in numbers, but the damage they can cause may be enormous. These scammers will typically pose as an attractive woman or man. They will initiate contact with other members and will at some point during the interaction request money from the other person. This could be a request in the form of a loan, assistance for food, assistance for medical treatment, assistance to cover travel expenses to visit that member or assistance to smuggle a fortune out of a particular country. The list is endless. The bottom line is that we are warning our members to never send any money to anyone that they meet on this site for any reason whatsoever. Chances are 100% that the sending member will be defrauded of that money and will become another unhappy fraud victim. It is a violation of site policy to solicit money from or to send money to any member on the site. It is YOUR responsibility to report any member who asks you for any payment by using the report member feature on their profile.

You agree that you will NOT request money or any form of financial or material assistance from any other member that you meet through our services. Doing so will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN and your details may be passed onto third parties who enforce the law. Your conversations are recorded and you AGREE that your conversations are recorded in order for you to use Mature Matrimony as a matrimonial service. We MAY pass your conversations on to any third parties in the cases of fraud/scams and other cons that can seek to harm either Mature Matrimony or its members.


Inappropriate Use Of Mature Matrimony

Mature Matrimony intends to pursue vigorous legal action against any individual or business entity engaging in inappropriate use of our services. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any vulgar material, pictures or content.

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any material promoting harmful or criminal thoughts, intent or action.

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, racism, bigotry, violence, invasion of privacy, suggesting, engaging in or enticing other to commit any illegal or immoral acts.

Sending to any member unsolicited mass mailings, junk mail, spam mail and chain letters.

Posting in your profile or communicating through conversations any content promoting or soliciting commercial activity including advertising the selling of any product or service, including joining or acquiring membership in any other website.

Engaging in any practice with the intent of gathering personal information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, financial information or any other kind of information from our members.

Requesting money, or any other form of financial assistance, from any member that you meet on our services.

Sending money or any form of financial asset to any other member that you meet on our services.

Participating in any funds transfer or any asset transfer arrangement organized by any member you meet on our services.

Mature Matrimony Members are expected to refrain from :

  1. Entering into financial transactions with shortlisted prospects prior to solemnization of marriage.
  2. Dealing with shortlisted prospects before carrying out due verifications of the prospect.

iii. Entering into physical relationship with prospect before marriage.

  1. Sharing of confidential and personal data with each other but not limited to sharing of bank details, etc.

Mature Matrimony Members are expected to be cautious of prospects who call from multiple numbers, only interact over phone, doesn't come forward for face to face meeting (physically or through video calls) and don't involve family and friends in match making. Beware of suspended profiles status before you finalize an alliance with the prospect.